Upgrading PBX Vs New Hosted PBX Solution

Posted on: 2015-01-09 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Phones VoIP Services VoIP Technology

Businesses rely on efficient internal and external communication. Unfortunately, telephone systems are often outdated and cannot keep pace with modern firms’ technological requirements.

For all businesses, there will come a time when the current telephone system must be updated, with new functions such as call queuing, or expanded, to provide access to new users. Both improving functionality and extending the use of a system are usually expensive and sometimes impossible exercises.

Likewise, in-house hardware PBX solutions are usually limited to a particular set of functions and extension cards which can be installed. Number of internal extensions also has its ceiling. That means that companies have to choose between an outdated telecommunications system or costly upgrade which most likely will reach its limits as its predecessors.

Fortunately business facing PBX upgrade have perfect alternative – switch to hosted PBX.

Systems like VoIPstudio provide all the functions of on-premise solutions at a fraction of price. The switchover is managed by experienced engineers and allows for minimal disruptions of business communication flow. You will no longer have to worry about new extension, as the can be added with single click.

Further worries about complicated upgrades will be gone, as all new functions and enhancements are instantly available to all customers. The hardware is maintained and managed in our secure data centres, which releases substantial resource from businesses that no longer need to keep equipment on site.

Do you consider further upgrades and extensions to your current PBX? Contact us first. We are confident our solution will surpass your expectations and generate generous savings.