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VoIP for Outsourced Service Providers

VoIP phone service background

Any organization is a part of a large ecosystem of businesses and service providers. Every company depends on a myriad of other business services on a daily basis. These support services can be anything from janitorial crews to tax consultants. Whether you run your own small business or work in a large multinational corporation, your company depends on various support services.

In today’s world, organizations have found that it is better (less expensive or more efficient) to outsource certain services or functions rather than try to do it all themselves. It allows the business to focus on their area of expertise. If you run a catering company, why should you worry about the phone system or your IT infrastructure? Wouldn’t it be easier to have experts take care of it for you?

Without the support services, your company cannot function effectively. However to manage these various service providers and partners, you need proper communication. All your partners, providers and employees need to stay in touch at all times. Reliable and quality voice communication is at the heart of every business organization. Not only do your staff need to collaborate with each other but they need the ability to contact partners and outside entities as well.

Free and Inexpensive Calls

In a globalized business environment, few companies are able to stay truly local. Even if you don’t have offices that are across the world, your service provider or business partner may be in another country or continent. With traditional phone lines, you had a number of restrictions. Some calls would be charged at different rates and depending on the contract terms, even internal calls (those made by employees to others within the organization) are subject to limits.

VoIPstudio shatters those arbitrary limits. It frees your employees from worrying about budget limits or call volume. Calls between employees are always free. It doesn’t matter if they are working on the same floor or in different offices. You can have branches in multiple countries and calls between your staff will still be free. Imagine the possibilities of what you can achieve without artificial constraints.

External long-distance calls cost a fraction of what is charged by traditional operators. This is a boon for organizations that have regular communication with international partners. The best part is that you can get these benefits without spending exorbitant amounts on expensive equipment and infrastructure. VoIPstudio delivers phone services over the existing data connection, so there is no new wiring or hardware to set up.

Data Security and Privacy

Some industries such as banking and financial services face more legislative scrutiny than others. But the reality is that you can no longer ignore security and privacy. Most business functions or services are increasingly delivered online. When your phone system moves to the Internet, it is vulnerable to the same threats as well.

Maintaining privacy and confidentiality of data is also important for service providers. There has to be a clear demarcation between your own data, that of a client, employee data etc. You may have different requirements based on the country in which your offices are located while your service provider is in yet another country. You need a hosted VoIP provider that can offer you peace of mind in such an environment.

VoIPstudio utilizes different security measures to ensure private and secure communication for their clients. Everything from the physical storage devices to the actual content of voice calls is encrypted. VoIPstudio uses multi-layered defensive measures to ensure no one but you can access your system.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Using hosted VoIP services gives you better communication at a fraction of the cost. VoIPstudio can support a wide variety of business situations including telecommuting, remote working, third-party service providers and so on. Add or remove users as required through the online dashboard. Experiencing a sudden or seasonal increase in call volume? Simply add more numbers or lines when you need them.

If an employee leaves the company, assign that number to someone else or just delete it. If a staff member is moving toward a new office, they can take their number with them. No more confusion or waiting for a new number, device or wiring before getting started with work. You don’t have to buy anything in advance or pay for something you no longer use. VoIPstudio doesn’t lock you into a contract, giving you the freedom to grow and change.

The phone system is the communication backbone for any organization. It should be robust, efficient and reliable. VoIPstudio gives you all that you need to support various functions whether it is daily operations or customer support. VoIP is the ideal solution for outsourced service providers regardless of what industry you operate in or service you provide.

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Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Thousands of businesses across the world trust VoIPstudio for all of their most vital business communications. Why not be the next?

Start a free 30 day trial now, no credit card details are needed!