How Many VoIP Providers are There? The Ones You are Looking for are Rare

Posted on: 2016-06-20 | Categories: VoIP Services

For companies – and even individuals or households – venturing into VoIP for the first time, there is a bewildering array of choices available. A simple search for consumer or business VoIP hosted services will give you thousands of pages of results. How do you even begin navigating these providers and try to narrow down your choices to a more reasonable number?

There are plenty of review sites, blogs and webpages that aim to give a list of alternatives to fit every conceivable need but even these can feel like too many. The reality is that the VoIP market is exploding and growing at an exponential rate, too fast for even industry analysts and experts to keep up let alone individual consumers or businesses.

To even give a rough idea of the total number of VoIP providers out there would be extremely difficult because of the sheer numbers. For instance, this page lists VoIP providers in the US that are further categorized by state. The state of Washington alone has more than two dozen service providers! Of course not every state in the US is going to have the same number – such as Alaska or say Hawaii – but that is still quite a substantial number of hosted vendors.

And that is only considering just those providers in the United States. The total number of VoIP vendors in the world would probably number in the thousands. Some markets are more developed than others while some countries are still catching up. In most industrialized and developed nations, there are a plethora of choices available for both consumer and business hosted VoIP service.

There is certainly not enough time or resources to go through the entire list or evaluate thousands of providers before making a decision. So how do you get started?

The Top VoIP Providers

A handy shortcut for this tedious process is simply to go straight to the top. In spite of the sheer size of the VoIP market around the world, there are a handful of names that are globally recognized as the best in their market segment or area. If you go through tech sites or blogs that review VoIP vendors, you will read about a few names repeatedly.

Providers like RingCentral, 8×8, Vox, Vonage and VoIPstudio are likely to come up again and again. And there are good reasons for this – they are the top VoIP providers in the field. Whether it is features, pricing, reliability or customer support, these vendors deliver the best value for the vast majority of businesses. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should just blindly select a vendor because they may not suit your requirements. It does however provide a good starting point for evaluating your choices. If none of these services suit, you can always look at others.

Looking at service providers like VoIPstudio, people might be surprised that they aren’t actually the most expensive. That’s because VoIP service doesn’t have to be, in spite of what some analysts may opine. The best value for VoIP service is one that delivers the right mix of innovative features at a reasonable price and vendors like VoIPstudio or RingCentral do that job quite admirably.