What Can Hosted VoIP Bring To Your Business?

Posted on: 2013-12-03 | Categories: Business VoIP VoIP VoIP Technology

The telecoms world has changed a great deal in recent years, with the invention of the mobile phone changing the way people conduct their daily lives, enabling them to be contacted at any time.

In the more recent past these devices have been refined and gone through a significant evolutionary process, from large devices that were difficult to carry, let alone slip into a pocket or purse, to modern smartphones that provide a mobile office for many professionals.

Telecoms technology is continuing to progress at a significant pace and hosted VoIP solutions are the next big thing to transform the way businesses operate.

But, for many, the term VoIP is simply a buzzword and it’s not completely clear what the benefits of introducing the technology to a business is.

The first thing to note about the technology is its ability to cut costs dramatically. It runs through the internet rather than traditional phone lines, which makes calls a lot cheaper.

This is particularly useful when it comes to international calls as businesses grow and spread their wings wider, taking advantage of growing markets around the world and supplying the needs of consumers.

Having the ability to make cheap calls around the globe is crucial to the success of these foreign ventures for many companies.

When it comes to hosted VoIP, the savings are even greater, as all of the maintenance activity is carried out by the provider, while the combination of voice and data means that greater efficiency is achieved within an organisation.

As well as cutting costs, the introduction of hosted VoIP within a firm brings improved levels of communications with colleagues and customers, dramatically improving productivity and customer service.

The number of features available within a hosted VoIP package, such as conferencing, forwarding, voicemail to email, one-click calling and instant messaging, also provides a series of business benefits.

Hosted VoIP has the ability to streamline the way a business communicates within its walls and with consumers.