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Advanced - Data Retention

Data Retention settings allow you to delete or set up a schedule for data to be kept or removed.


Figure 80.1 Data Retenton.
  1. Click to Delete ALL records immediately for selected category.
  2. Click to Edit Retention Rules.

Delete Confirmation


Figure 80.2 Data Retention Confirmation.
  1. If Delete All Is Selected "YES" is required to complete.
  2. Click Yes after filling in "YES" in the text box to Delete ALL Records of Selected Category.
  3. Click No to Cancel and NOT delete any records.

Edit Data Retention Settings


Figure 80.3 Edit Data Retention.
  1. Select to Keep Records for Specific Category Forever.
  2. If Keep Forever is not selected specific Time Frames (between 1 and 999 days) can be selected. If Records are older than selected time they will be removed automatically.
  3. Click Submit to Save Changes.