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Integrations - Google Data Studio

This page describes how to add VoIPstudio CDR (Call Details Reports) data connector to Google Data Studio.

Before installing data connector please familiarise yourself with VoIPstudio's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use


To use the connector you will need VoIPstudio account. If you don't have one, please sign up here.

In order for Google Data Studio to connect to VoIPstudio data store, you will need to enter API Username and Key (token) when installing the connector. To obtain API Key:


Figure 62.1 Add VoIPstudio API Key.

  1. Login to VoIPstudio Web Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Administration section and select Users from navigation on the left.
  3. Open User panel and scroll down to API Keys section.
  4. Enter Google Data Studio as Name, select 30 days as Timeout and click ADD button.
  5. Keep this panel open as we will need to use API User ID and Token in the next steps.


Follow steps below in order to add VoIPstudio CDR (Call Details Reports) data connector to Google Data Studio:


Figure 62.2 Add CDR data connector.

  1. Open Google Data Studio dashboard and click Create button in top left corner.
  2. Select Data source
  3. Find CDR data connector by VoIPstudio on the list of available connectors and click it.


    Figure 62.3 Setup CDR data connector.

  4. Click AUTHORISE button and allow VoIPstudio GDS connector to access your Google Account.

  5. Copy and paste VoIPstudio API username and token as described in Prerequisites section above and click `SUBMIT button.
  6. Finally click CONNECT button.

Congratulations, you are now ready to work with VoIPstudi CDR data in Google Data Studio.


Figure 62.4 CDR data connector setup completed.

Source Code

Should you wish to customise data connector to adapt to specific requirements, you can find MIT licensed source code here