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Hardware Configuration - Find IP Address - Gigaset

Finding IP Address for Gigaset


Figure 40.1 Gigaset- Find phone IP

You will need to find the base station of your Gigaset device (typically a N310-IP or N510-IP)

  1. Press the button of the base station for 3 seconds.
  2. This will page handset with IP address.

Note: If the IP displayed is the base station is not connected to the router. You will need to fix this before you can continue.

Alternatively you may also find Base IP address from within Gigaset phone menu. You will need to browse:

  1. Settings button.
  2. Navigate to gear wheel icon for settings
  3. Scroll down to system.
  4. Click on Local network to find out IP address.

It might happen that DECT and handset are not paired. To find base IP we will need to pair devices:

  1. Press base button for 5 seconds to set base on registration mode.
  2. From handset press menu button.
  3. Browse Settings
  4. Scroll down to Register
  5. Start registration
  6. Use base PIN to register device, default 0000