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Settings - Music on Hold

Music on Hold panel

Figure 7.1 Music on Hold panel.

By default there is one set of music tunes which are being played to callers while they are awaiting for connection.

It is possible to create up to 20 custom Music on Hold sets which can include marketing messages and other announcements.

When multiple different groups of music are added selecing Default (2) will apply this to all objects using System as selected Music on Hold.

Here you can add Music on Hold or view and edit their settings. Click icon show as (3) to playback existing Music on Hold set.


Music on Hold window

Figure 7.2 Music on Hold window.

To create custom Music on Hold set click button show as (1) in Figure 7.1 above and follow steps below:

  1. Enter unique name.
  2. Select Sound recordings that you want to include in custom Music on Hold set.
  3. Click Submit button to save settings.


To edit custom Music on Hold set click button show as (4) in Figure 7.1 above.

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