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Advanced - Team Policies

Team Policies make use of Teams to quickly and easily apply certain settings and permissions.


Figure 83.1 Team Policies.
  1. Click to add a new Team Policy.
  2. Existing policies can be changed or deleted by clicking on the name.

Add Team Policies


Figure 83.2 Add Team Policies.
  1. Select the Group Policy to Apply.
  2. Select which team to apply the policy to.

Current Policies:

  • User Settings: disable changes - Users cannot make any changes to their user settings.
  • Call Presence: disable - don't show call status (ringing, on call etc.) of other users
  • Call Presence: hide phone numbers - when showing call status (ringing, on call etc.) of other users, don't show phone numbers
  • Chat: allow within a team only - Team Members can only Chat with other members of the same team.
  • Chat: disable - Chat completely disabled.
  • Call Recordings: disable access - When Ad-Hoc Recording is enabled Users will have access to call recordings made form their user, this setting disables this access while maintaining Ad-Hoc Recording ability.
  • Desktop Softphone: copy number to clipboard - Allows Copy to Clipboard directly from Desktop Application.
  • Billing: disable access - Hides billing details and invoices.
  • Export: disable access - Admin users cannot export any Records.
  • Contacts: hide - Hides Contacts panel in Softphone client apps.