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Integrations - Web Phone

VoIPstudio offers hosted WebRTC web phone widget, which can be easily embedded into any HTML application. It's an easy way to enabled VoIP telephony in custom CRM system and other web applications.



Figure 72.1 Web Softphone

VoIPstudio web phone is available at - to add it to your own website use iframe tag as below:

<iframe id="webphone" src="" height="600" width="400" allow="microphone" title="VoIPstudio Web Phone"></iframe>

This will result in Web Softphone widget embedded in the web page.

Making and Receiving calls

In order to start making and receiving calls using VoIPstudio Web Softphone login with your VoIPstudio email address and password. Next using the keypad enter the number you wish to dial and click Call button.

JavaScript API

VoIPstudio WebPhone includes simple to use JavaScript API with methods allowing to manage softphone from third party code. WebPhone instance also emits events which can be used by any Web Application to easily add VoIP telephony functionality.

In order to use JavaScript API, apart from adding IFRAME element as described above, please also add the following to your page <head> section:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Next a WebSoftphone instance can be initialised as below:

var webPhone = __webphone.init(document.getElementById('webphone'));


WebSoftphone instance emits events as described below:

  • ready: WebSoftphone instance is ready to use, additionally the following data is available:
    • for logged in user: {"logged":true,"userId":10002,"userToken":"abcdef9dcec5185987654321"}
    • for unauthenticated softphone: {"logged":false}
  • login: user successfully logged into WebSoftphone:
    • event data: {"userId":10002,"userToken":"abcdef9dcec5185987654321"}
  • logout: user logged out from WebSoftphone

Additionally following events are fired when call state changes:

  • initial: outbound call is being connected
  • ringing: inbound call is ringing
  • accepted: inbound or outbound call is connected
  • hangup: inbound or outbound calls is terminated
  • hold: call is placed on hold
  • unhold: call is placed on unhold

  • callstate: catch all call state change event, firest on any of the above described call event


Following methods can be executed on WebSoftphone instance:

  • WebSoftphone.login(email, password, successCalback, failureCallback): login with email and password and execute successCalback or failureCallback
  • WebSoftphone.logout(): logout from WebSoftphone
  • make outbound call to number
  • WebSoftphone.answer(): answer incoming call in ringing state
  • WebSoftphone.hangup(): terminate call
  • WebSoftphone.hold(): place call on hold
  • WebSoftphone.unhold(): unhold call
  • WebSoftphone.mute(): mute microphone input
  • WebSoftphone.unmute(): unmute microphone input
  • WebSoftphone.wrapUpClose: closes Queue wrap up panel

Working demo implementation can be found on Github here