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Hardware Configuration - Manual Configuration - Yealink

  • While doing manual configuration, it is always best to perform a Factory Reset described in Factory Reset section above. You can obtain your phone IP by following the steps described in Find phone IP section above.

To configure Yealink phone to work with VoIPstudio service login into web interface of the device and follow steps below:

  1. Upgrade Firmware from below link -

Follow below Steps:

  1. Login to your phone via web browser
  2. Upgrade
  3. Browse the Firmware you downloaded
  4. upgrade


Figure 57.1 Yealink manual configuration
  1. Select Account.
  2. Select Register.
  3. Enter Extension Number.
  4. Enter SIP Username.
  5. Enter SIP Password.
  6. Enter SIP Domain.
  7. Click Confirm to save changes.

Note Reboot may be required.

Voice Mail Set UP

To configure Yealink voicemail button with our voicemail service please do the following:

  1. Navigate to Account tab.
  2. Select Advanced section.
  3. Enter Voicemail number #445 into Voice Mail field.


Figure 57.2 Yealink Voice Mail

Busy Lamp Field on the Yealink, enables fast call to the user by pressing the button and monitors other extension current status for example when the extension is on a call.

The LED lights will change colour and state depending on the current status of the Phone as follows:

  • Green = Available
  • Flashing Red: Ringing
  • Red = On Call


Figure 57.3 Yealink BLF
  1. From DssKey tab
  2. Select the key set you like to edit.
  3. The number of available programmable keys will depend on your Yealink device model

  4. Line 1 is the main extension used for making and receiving calls, do not modify

  5. Over the the line Key you will edit select: BLF
  6. Enter syntax as follows: __SIP_USER__@__SIP_DOMAIN__ (replace __SIP_USER__ for 6 digit SIP username that will be monitored and replace __SIP_DOMAIN__ with your actual SIP Domain)
  7. Enter any identifying label.
  8. Click Confirm to save changes.