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Settings - Call Tracking

Call Tracking allows linking inbound phone calls with Landing Page visit metadata (such as Google Click ID). This allows attributing particular phone calls to individual Landing Page visits.

This is achieved by assigning a unique Telephone number to the unique Visitor ID, this data is then pushed to Google Ads via our Zapier Integration when a call is made.

To ensure an infinite supply of Telephone numbers is not required an expiry timer can be set to release numbers after data has been sorted.



Figure 19.1 Configure Campaign settings.
  1. Expand Setting.
  2. Select Campaigns
  3. Provide a Descriptive name.
  4. Enter the Landing Page URL.
  5. Select where calls will be routed to.
  6. Select what format numbers will be displayed in.
  7. Select how long before numbers are automatically released and reused.
  8. Select the lower limit of available numbers and what email address warnings will be sent to.
  9. Set Parameters on how to insert the tracking numbers onto the landing page.
  10. Copy and Paste the code provided here into the landing page to start tracking and inserting numbers.

Tracking Numbers


Figure 19.2 Call Tracking Numbers.
  1. Expand Settings.
  2. Select Tracking Numbers.
  3. Click Add to Select and Purchase additional numbers.
  4. Use Checkbox to select numbers.
  5. With Numbers selected Click to assign to a Campaign.
  6. WIth numbers selected click to release numbers that are currently in use by tracking.
  7. Select Show unused only to see only the numbers currently in use by tracking.


Figure 19.3 VoIPstudio and Google Ads on Zapier.

Call Tracking events are sent as "Offline Conversions" to Google Ads using Zapier. Note: "Google Ads" is a "Premium" application on Zapier and requires paid "Starter" subscription (there is free trial available).

Before you proceed with Zapier setup ensure offline conversion imports using Google Click ID (GCLID) is enabled on your Google Ads account. Your configuration may look similar to the below:


Figure 19.4 Google Ads offline conversion.

Next login to your Zapier to create a new Zap:

  1. Select VoIPstudio app and Call Tracking trigger.
  2. Authenticate Zapier with VoIPstudio - see details here.
  3. Test the trigger to make sure there is a lest one call with visitor_gclid attribute set.
  4. Select Google Ads app and Send Offline Conversion as action.
  5. Authenticate Zapier with your Google Ads account.
  6. Setup your action as in image 19.5 below.


Figure 19.5 VoIPstudio and Google Ads on Zapier.