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Hardware Configuration - Find IP Address - Linkvil

A quick guideline on how to connect Linkvil to Wi-Fi network and find IP Address for latter configuration.

Connect Linkvil to WiFi


Figure 42.1 Linkvil - Connect SSID

Before finding IP address we need to connect Linkvil handset to WiFI network. Please note your WiFi network need to be running and you should have enough coverage.

  1. Press Menu button to enter setting section.
  2. Navigate to 2 - WLAN.
  3. Make sure WLAN is enabled.
  4. Navigate to 4 - Available network.
  5. Select your network and click center button to link.
  6. You will be prompted for WiFi password.

Note to swap between Numbers and characters you just need to click # button on handset

Find IP address


Figure 42.2 Linkvil - Find phone IP
  1. Press Menu button to enter setting section.
  2. Select 1 - Status by pressing center button.
  3. Select Network by pressing center button.
  4. Find Wi-Fi IP.