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Allows the management of Billing Details for Invoicing, Payment Methods and an overview of future bills.

Billing panel

Figure 10.1 Billing panel.
  1. Billing Profile contains the details used on invoices and contact for all payment notifications.
  2. Allows the setup of either credit and debit card payment methods and details regarding Business accounts.
  3. Click to view all future Bills.

Billing Profile

Billing Profile panel

Figure 10.2 Billing Profile panel.

Fill in the billing Profile used on Invoicing.

  1. Enter Name of Company.
  2. Enter Billing Adress.
  3. Select Preferred Currency.
  4. Enter Account Timezone.
  5. Enter email address used for all billing related notification.
  6. Submit to save changes.

Next Bill

Billing Next Bill panel

Figure 10.3 Billing Next Bill panel.

Payment Methods

Billing Methods panel

Figure 10.4 Billing Methods panel.

Add Business Funds - Bank Transfer

Business funds can be added by Bank transfer.

  1. Click Add Bank Transfer from Payment Methods section.
  2. Select amount you would like to deposit towards your Business Account.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Bank Transfer Instructions window will open
  5. There is a Referencenumber you will need to detail into bank transfer in order to allocate funds to the business account.
  6. Bank Account details are displayed.

Bank transfers usually take 2-3 business days to process. However in some cases it may take up to 7 days. Once funds are allocated to your Business account you should be able to use them to: Add Call Credit, Pay monthly fees or purchase items from the store.

Billing Add Funds by Bank transfer

Figure 10.5 Billing Add Funds by Bank transfer.

Manual Payment

Billing Manual Payment

Figure 10.6 Billing Manual Payment.

When adding New Users or Numbers to an account these Items will also be added to the Basket for Checkout, in the case of numbers and users on the National or International plan, payment will be needed before the numbers or Minutes are allocated.

  1. When a Value is displayed in the Basket payment is require for at least one Item click to open.
  2. Items will have a description of when it entails and what the Billing Time will be along with Pricing per Item.
  3. If required the -/+ signs can be used to increase or decrease the number of Items for a product is required.
  4. Click the Bin Icon to completely remove all Items of a specific Product.
  5. Click to Pay using Funds from Bank Transfer.
  6. Click to Select one of the Saved Credit cards on the account.
  7. Click to Enter and used a New or Unsaved credit card.
  8. Select Cancel to close the basket without making any further changes.
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