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Integrations - SIP TAPI

SIP TAPI can be used for click to dial from Outlook or any other TAPI enabled application.

When you click contact’s phone number your phone will start ringing. When you pick up, the phone will automatically dial contact’s phone number. You can use it to dial out through desktop phone or softphone on your PC.

  1. Download SIP TAPI driver version depending on your OS release:

  2. For Windows 32 bit

  3. For Windows 64 bit

  4. Copy siptapi.tsp into C:\Windows\System32 directory.

  5. Go to Control Panel and select Phone and Modem.


  1. Go to Advanced tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Select SIPTAPI Service Provider 0.2.17.
  4. Click Add button.


  1. Open Configure window.
  2. Enter your SIP Domain - your SIP account details can be found in Profile window as shown in Figure 11.1 below.
  3. Enter your SIP Username
  4. Enter your SIP Password
  5. Go to Start menu, select Run... and type dialer.exe
  6. Type number you want to call and click Dial button. Your phone will start ringing and when you pick up the system will connect to your destination number.